The Professional Advocacy and Support Services (PASS) is a user led ‘Not for Profit’ company operating as a social enterprise working across Hull and East Riding. It was established by four trustees with first-hand experience of the difficulties and discrimination associated with disability and/or mental health issues.

PASS offers independent support to adults with a disability as well as family carers.

We were formed to provide those in need with a voice, giving them choice and control over their own lives by providing individuals with the right information, offering practical support and solutions and access to support when required. Whilst we work with all adults with a disability particular attention is paid to those suffering with dementia and Learning Disabilities, whether they reside in residential care, hospital or live independently at home.

We accept referrals from individuals, family members, charities, voluntary organisations as well as residential care providers, social services and all health professionals.

Advocacy is about...

Supporting you to have a 'voice' and ensuring your voice is heard, especially when others appear to be making decisions for you.

Providing you with the right information in a way that helps you understand which will enable you to make informed decisions about your own life.

Ensuring you are made aware of and get access to the support you require, when you need it.

Advocacy offers practical support and solutions. We are able to support you at meetings, deal with correspondence and speak to people on your behalf.

Advocates can support you whether you are in receipt of support from health or social services or you pay for your own care.

Advocates work for you and not other professionals or family members

Individuals and Carers

PASS supports 'all' adults with a disability and/or their carers. Specific attention is paid to the older person and conditions such as dementia, learning disabilities and long term conditions. Below is a list of the services we provide but this is by no means exhaustive, please contact us for more details.

  • Provide support to arrange domiciliary (home) care, other care services or residential care for individuals who do not qualify for statutory care.
  • Provide support accessing and arranging care packages for those who qualify for state social and health care.
  • Provide advocacy for adults over 18 with a disability or their carers who need support to access social or health services. Including, arranging and attending appointments, liaising with professionals on your behalf, dealing with correspondence and ongoing support.
  • Provide regular visits on behalf of families who live away from their elderly family members, who wish to ensure that they are receiving the services they require, or to check up on their well being on a regular basis. Including supporting their loved ones to appointments when they are unable to attend themselves.
  • Provide and Guidance service.

For more information please feel free to contact us.

Being a carer is extremely tiring, often you are unable to think or deal with anything over and above your normal domestic duties. Having a service like PASS, which listens to your concerns and then calmly sorts out all the problems removes all the stress and anxiety often associated with trying to access additional support from the state – B Everatt, informal carer

Health and Social Care Professionals

PASS supports all adults with a disability and/or their carers. Specific attention is paid to the older person and conditions such as dementia, learning disabilities and long term conditions. Below is a list of the services we provide but this is by no means exhaustive, please contact us for more details.

  • Advocacy for individuals whether they are residing at home, residential care or in hospital including secure settings - particularly when capacity maybe an issue, or where an individual is vulnerable and requires additional support to make difficult decisions and choices around their future.
  • Personalised Budgets for Health and Social Care – may include long term and practical support (for example dealing with correspondence). Identifying services and staff recruitment. Ongoing support for vulnerable adults on personal/managed budgets.
  • Provide a safeguarding service for vulnerable adults residing in residential care, hospitals or their own home providing independant support and monitoring.
  • Service improvement - we support residential settings and NHS wards to improve the quality of care and their environments, with little or no cost to make the changes. We provide evaluation, feedback, training and planning.
  • Accredited Training in specific areas which include dementia awareness, activity provision and volunteer awards.
  • Project evaluation and research undertaken. Past and present projects

For more information please feel free to contact us.

The first time I encountered PASS was when they wrote to me on behalf of a new client. PASS supported the client and family carers to understand Personal Budgets,, in addition they were assisted to complete a person centred support plan along with costings, engage carers and complete a carers application. Their input saved me an awful lot of time. The service was very professional and the package was completed within less than 4 weeks. Social Worker, East Riding

I initially contacted PASS to provide advocacy and support to a client of mine who has complex long term health conditions, as the client, who required a lot of preliminary extensive support around his personal correspondence and finance, was unhappy with his previous advocate. PASS have now being working with this client for 9 months and have completed, or near completed all of the original goals which the client set out to achieve/work on. The service PASS provides is person centred and empowering and since engaging with PASS it has reduced my own workload considerably. In addition PASS are now working with another two of my clients who too have complex long term health conditions, again PASS have proved to work with these clients in a way which is both empowering and person centred. Social Worker, Hull

PASS supports our patients who do not receive support from statutory advocacy services. We are impressed with their engagement with patients and specifically their person centred approach to report writing, which enables the patient to attend their meetings prepared and take an active role, ensuring their issues are addressed. Holme House Hospital, Market Weighton


At PASS we are committed to supporting volunteers and providing them with meaningful volunteering positions along with accredited training. We offer one off pieces of work to enhance an individual's CV, which may enable them to gain employment or long term positions, for those who wish to carry out an interesting and rewarding role in their community.

In addition we work with local companies, as part of their corporate social responsibility commitments to the local community, enabling their staff to volunteer and share their skills.

PASS believes in investing in people and will always try to support individuals (where possible) with opportunities to participate in further education or courses.

For more information please feel free to contact us here or email

I first contacted PASS Yorkshire because I was interested in the level 3 Community Volunteering Qualification (CVQ) that is offered by PASS. I wanted to gain some experience in volunteering and better my CV at the same time. When we spoke over the phone I found the experience to be greatly helpful, and myself and Claire arranged to meet at PASS within the following couple of days. When we met, Claire was extremely friendly and helpful when I explained my ambitions. Claire explained how PASS could offer me a volunteering role and alongside this the support and resources to enable me to achieve the qualification I wanted. Shortly after starting my volunteering role as an Administrator at PASS Yorkshire I was offered the opportunity to go on a ‘Preparing to teach in the lifelong learning sector’ (PTLLS) course at a company called CERT, which would usually be of considerable expense but through PASS funding was available and the expense was covered completely. Of course I took this opportunity, and have now just finished the PTLLS qualification which was enjoyable as well as interesting and it has seriously broadened my knowledge and future options. I am continuing to work towards achieving the CVQ alongside my volunteering role at PASS, it continues to interest me due to the new things I am learning, the people I am meeting and the involvement in project work which I have. The work done by PASS is purely to benefit others, my whole ongoing experience with PASS has been positive and pleasant, and I am very grateful towards them. Contacting PASS Yorkshire was one of the best decisions I have made. James Smith, Volunteer

After losing my job as a software developer, I decided to start some volunteering and got in touch with PASS. I attended a Level 2 CVQ (Community Volunteering Qualification) course with PASS which provided me with a good knowledge of volunteering opportunities. I was suffering from depression and anxiety and so to keep active; PASS offered me an ad hoc volunteer role which included helping out with office administrative work, course preparation and providing additional assistance during training evenings. As part of my CVQ I befriended an elderly person in a care home. PASS organised and have helped me to achieve this and I now volunteer at a care home getting to know patients with dementia and compiling one-to-one profiles so patient’s can be well supported. I expressed an interest in teaching and so PASS offered me a place on a PTLLs course (Preparing to teach in the lifelong learning sector). At the same time I started volunteering in a local school so this course has helped me enormously. As a result of these experiences, I have decided that I would like to continue my career in the teaching sector. I still attend the care home because I really enjoy getting to know and helping the elderly. The past nine months have been a difficult period for me, but the staff at PASS have always been there to support and listen to what I would like to achieve in life. I am still volunteering for PASS and will keep in touch and help out as long as I am able. P.S. All this experience and new qualifications are great to put on my CV! Dean Morris, Volunteer

As part of my companies corporate social responsibility policy I have been granted volunteer leave which enables me to work with PASS for half a day per week. I have used my background in Human Resources to assist PASS in developing a more structured volunteer pathway. In turn, PASS has provided their expertise in examining our company’s policy on support for ‘working carers.’ This has led to a research project which hopefully will benefit my company’s workforce. Helen Dickinson, Volunteer

Residential Care Providers

PASS can offer a range of benefits to residential care providers.

Advocacy provision can support care homes to demonstrate the delivery of person centred care, particulary around;

  • Choice and control over day-to-day and significant life decisions
  • Maintaining good relationships with family, partners, friends, staff and others
  • Spending time purposefully and enjoyably and doing things that bring them pleasure and meaning
  • The organisational and service factors which enable these outcomes to be achieved and sustained

In additon, PASS can provide Service Improvement Support to improve the quality of care and the home environment, with little or no cost to the homes to integrate the recommended changes. We provide evalutaion, feedback, training and planning. This may or may not involve a dementia care map.

PASS is an Accredited Training Centre and provides a range of training. Specific courses may include Dementia Awareness or Supporting Activity Provision in Social Care both at QCF.

PASS can support home with safeguarding problems or complaints.

PASS is currently introducing an Independent Visitor scheme whereby trained volunteers visit a residential care establishment. Our volunteers may help in developing person centred activity plans.

For more information or to discuss how PASS can help your home’s individual needs, call us today on 01482 845276

My late husband received poor care whilst on respite in a residential home for 6 weeks. My daughter initially raised concerns with the care staff about the condition of my husband’s bedroom and the home in general and also the lack of care my husband received. My husband was continent as long as he was prompted to use the toilet once every two hours; however on several occasions I turned up to the home to find my husband had wet himself. I even witnessed a member of care staff wash him first before dressing him – this did not maintain his dignity. My husband’s teeth, glasses and slippers also went missing on occasions and when my husband had a fall he was sent to hospital alone, despite having dementia. Understandably myself and my family were very distressed and concerned about how my husband had been treated and the care the staff were providing. The Professional Advocacy Support Service (PASS) enabled me to make a complaint and follow it through. This included having a meeting with the residential home owner and discussing the issues mentioned. The meeting was very beneficial and the home owner is now taking steps to rectify many of the concerns so others do not have the same experience as my husband and our family. PASS have helped to lift a huge weight off my shoulders and because of this myself and my family are now able come to terms with the loss of my husband serenely. Mrs Bricklebank

I am writing to say huge thank you for the training you gave to the staff here on Chesters. I am pleased to report that they have been so enthusiastic about the memory project that they have already started to implement some of your fabulous ideas and have been out to the shops and purchased shoe boxes and various items to complete your idea of an old rummage box, dressing up box and a reminiscence box. In particular the Unit Manager enthusiasm is now spreading amongst the staff on Chesters and we would appreciate another session for any staff members that we have missed, your diary permitting. Once again a huge thank you! – Sally Withill, QA Manager Berkeley Residential Home

Dementia Care Mapping

According to the Alzheimer’s Society there are approximately 750,000 people in the UK alone who have dementia. Research suggests the illness mainly affects older people, many of which will be residing in residential care. It is estimated that 1 in 3 of those over 65 years of age will die of dementia.

Yvonne Shaw, is a qualified Advanced Dementia Care Mapper and has experience of mapping various residential care settings in Hull and NHS hospitals.

It is important for residential care providers to recognise and understand each resident’s individual needs in order to deliver Person Centred Care and to be able to demonstrate this in order to meet Care Quality Standards. Since people with Dementia are often unable to tell us exactly how they are faring, this can be difficult.

One of the ways to measure the state of well being of residents is through Dementia Care Mapping. This is a sensitive observational tool designed to evaluate the quality of care from the perspective of the person with dementia. It can also be used as a focus for staff training and development as well as care planning. Dementia Care Mapping is a recognised tool and is increasingly being used internationally.

Mapper’s observe a number of people with dementia over a period of time and record their observations using a specialised coding system. The Mapper will then analyse and interpret the information into a detailed report and feedback the findings to the staff team; as well as providing ideas and advice on how to improve the level of care generally, but specifically for the individuals who were mapped. During the feedback session, training is given to demonstrate the findings and to assist writing an action plan. A further map will serve as evidence that actions have been implemented and the secondary reports will demonstrate the setting is delivering Person Centred Care.

Yvonne is currently working with the Primary Care Trust and the Local Authority evaluating a project looking at the benefits of the Arts for people who have dementia and reside in residential settings.

If you are interested in this service, or if you would like to speak to a residential home for feedback on the benefits of Dementia Care Mapping and training please contact us.

Following on from a session of Dementia Care Mapping at a Residential Care Home in Hull, Yvonne carried out extensive staff training based on the report formulated from her observations. This resulted in a large improvement to the standard of care and support provided in that setting, based on the level of understanding staff were able to offer their residents.

After the training, the Quality Assurance Manager said: “Yvonne's training on activities for people with dementia residing in residential settings was truly inspirational. All the staff, including the manager, were so enthusiastic after the training that they started implementing the suggestions the following day. We were so impressed as an organisation that we would like you to return and train the rest of the team.” – Client testimonial

Arts and Health project:

PASS has recently worked on an Arts and Health Project sponsored by the Primary Care Trust. The project was a study to comsider the beneficial effects of the arts on the well being for people living in residential care with dementia. PASS will independently evaluate the project and the research will be available in the last quarter of 2012.

Employed Family Carers Project:

PASS is currently working with a national company, one of Hull's largest employers, to investigate the impact that caring for a family member has on your employment role. The project will examine the well being of employees and in particular sickness leave. We will provide advice and information and put them in touch with support agencies.

Advocacy Awareness Training Project:

PASS is currently writing a short Advocacy Awareness Training programme specifically aimed at hospital and residential care staff. The course will not only raise awareness of the importance of advocacy but will also provide a basic introduction to the Mental Capacity Act, Deprivation of Liberty, Human Rights, Care Quality Standards and safeguarding issues. Our work has show that, despite staff and Managers attending the relevant courses, there is a real lack of understanding of how to link the theory to practice thus depriving vulnerable adults of their rights. The course, which will be accredited will include case studies demonstrating poor practice delivery, all of which has been observed in numerous care settings.

Independent Visitor Scheme:

PASS is developing an independent visitor scheme for those living in residential care, particularly residents with dementia. All volunteers will be trained and accredited with an Activity and/or Dementia Qualification. Volunteers may help staff write activitiy profiles for residents.

Individual Volunteers:

James: James approached our service after contacting ASDAN whom PASS are qualified and registered with to deliver the Community Volunteering Qualification (CVQ). James was interested in completing the Level 3 qualification with regards to this and gain some significant work experience to help him towards his career goals. Since the start of his volunteering with PASS in March 2012 James has played a major role in the Arts and Health Project. James has observed and evaluated activities which have taken place in the homes, interviewed the Managers, staff and Activity Coordinators to obtain their feedback and opinions of the project and is now in the process of co-evaluating the project. James has also completed a Level 3 Prepare to Teach in the Lifelong learning sector (PTLLS) qualification and is working towards completing his Level 3 CVQ.

Godwin: Godwin works as a supply teacher in secondary education and is working towards a degree in Theology. He approached our service as he wanted to share his skills and in return gain new skills and experience to better his self. Since approaching our service in 2011 Godwin has completed a Level 4 Prepare to Teach in the Lifelong learning sector (PTLLS) qualification which provided him with the knowledge and skills to teach in higher education. He has lead and supported volunteer training sessions for the Working Neighbourhoods Project, assisted in developing training and lesson plans and also helped with the verifying of course work.

Megan: Megan approached our service in 2010 as she was looking for a change in career direction. Megan was interested was studying Medicine at University but wanted to gain practical work to enhance her CV, she is now studying her chosen subject at Nottingham University.

Lucy: PASS approached Hull University as we were keen to take on a University student and provide them with work experience and project work which would help them towards their Masters. The University referred Lucy, who was studying Marketing. Lucy had some input towards the development of our webpage and regularly met up with Director of Mercury (the organisation who developed our webpage and other marketing) to discuss ideas and progress. Once Lucy had completed her Masters degree, the Director of Mercury offered her a full time job at his organisation as he was so impressed with her efforts and work she had done on behalf of PASS.

Helen: Helen works full time in recruitment for a large local-national factory organisation. As part of her company's corporate social responsibility she was granted volunteer leave and volunteers with PASS for a half a day per week. Helen is currently expanding PASS' volunteer pathway and continues to provide her constant expertise in this area. In return Helen is enhancing her own skills and knowledge with regards to advocacy and PASS are currently examining her companies 'Working Carer's' policy.

Vital Project (Volunteering in the Third Age of Life)

Vital is a new pilot project to promote the health and well being of people living with dementia. PASS will establish an effective befriending scheme of trained volunteers who will support people with mild dementia to carry out a volunteering role of thir choice and demonstrate that people living with dementia can still play a VITAL role as active members of their community.

Working Neighbourhood's Project

PASS received some funding from the Working Neighbourhood's fund in 2011 to run a pilot scheme which enabled PASS to recruit 10 unemployed volunteers to work towards a Level 2 Community Volunteering Qualification (CVQ), which is recognised in the care sector, and also gain meaningful work experience to enhance their skills and better their CV. The project enabled PASS to support a diverse group of people including those who had a learning disability, those with mental health issues and those whose first language is not english. 5 of the individuals completed the qualification and have continued to volunteer both with PASS and other organisations and 3 of the volunteers gained full time employment and stated this was because of the support they received from PASS and the project.

Please do not hesitate to contact us for more details on the various support services we can provide.

Vital Project

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Yvonne Shaw - Advocate

Yvonne previously worked as a Bank Manager before leaving to commence a university degree in social work, qualifying in 2006. Prior to leaving the bank she had completed a number of courses in counselling and had worked as a volunteer bereavement counsellor, an independent visitor for children in care and on a terminal ward at Dove House Hospice.

During her three years at Hull University, she undertook a work placement supporting individuals and carers who had been assessed as requiring social care support and had chosen to take this as a direct payment (personal budget) and arrange their own care. Upon leaving university, Yvonne set up and ran a service user and carer group for people accessing direct payments to give them more say in the process and encourage more people to take control of their care packages. This had over 150 members. Yvonne is also an informal carer for her disabled mother.

In 2007 she commenced work as an advocate for Mencap supporting adults with learning disabilities. Two years later she was appointed as Manager for the service, managing 7 projects across Hull and East Riding commissioned by health and social care.

In 2010 Yvonne established the Professional Advocacy and Support Service (PASS) for which she is a director and Manager.

Yvonne’s qualifications include:

  • Independent Social Worker
  • Deprivation of Liberty: Best Interest Assessor
  • Managing for Excellence in running advocacy services
  • Advanced Dementia Care Mapping
  • Counselling
  • Safeguarding Investigator
  • Adults Safeguarding Trainer
  • Advice and Guidance
  • Therapeutic Activities in Dementia
  • Cornerstones of Person Centred Dementia Care
  • Dementia Advocacy

Yvonne is in charge of overseeing the day to day running of the organisation and is the lead advocate. She is a member of the Hull Safeguarding Board, Learning Disability Partnership Board, Hull Dementia Academy and the Coalition of Advocacy Practitioners.

We also have 3 Volunteer Director's who are representitive of the clients PASS supports.

Contact us

All contact via email in the first instance

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